Saturday, 14 April 2012

lace and ribbons

  Haven't done a post in a couple of weeks, because I've been on a lovely skiing holiday with my school. It was so much fun! I had an absolutely amazing time with some of the best people on earth and I'd advise everyone to go on a trip similar if they get the chance!
  I don't usually write much, and I'm beginning to think I ought too! So it's the end of half term... *cry* and I'm going back to school for my final ever 6 weeks! I'm going to miss it so much, but on the other hand it means I need to find a last day outfit - which is going to be a nightmare!
  These photos I took before an evening visiting my cousins, I hadn't seen them in a while so I needed to impress! Pretty simplistic outfit for me and my nail varnish is chipping but hey ho! This old dress is one I've had for ages, just never had an occasion to wear it!

Enjoy your weekend guys

Katie! x x


anna said...

Hi Katie, you've awesome dress!

A&B said...

I love you're dress, it's so pretty :)

honeycupcake said...

Hay (:
Toller Blog. .
Ich wuerde mich ueber gegenseitiges Verfolgen freuen.
Wenn du interesse hast , folge mir einfach und gib mir in einem
Kommentar bescheid. Ich folge dir dann auch.

xoxo Honeycupcake.

PS Mach so Weiter ((:
I love youre Style.

katielaura said...

hey, thankyou! i will check out your blog now and follow you!:) x x

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