Sunday, 22 April 2012

Red suede and chocolate hearts

Skirt - Forever 21
Top (Dress) - Republic
Brogues - New look 

Ok, so this outfit isn't my favourite but I love this skirt, but I having nothing to wear with it:( So I've put it over this navy dress I've had for ages! Anyway I was off to my Aunties 40th birthday meal so I needed something my nan would approve of! It was a great night with my 3 lovely cousins! The girl in the last 2 photos is my beautiful little diva of a sister. We're completely different but I love her with my   whole heart.
Also I hope you've all had lovely easters, i know i have! i've been enjoying stuffing myself with chocolate eggs whilst revising *grrrr* my life for the next 2 months! So i was very thankful to my grandma for bringing me these uber cute chocolate hearts and they're soooooo tasty!

Anyway, have a lovely week guys!

Katie  x x


Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

i love the skirt! it's such a lovely colour. I have 5 sisters and we are all so different, but i love them all terribly!


pandaeyez said...

your outfit is well cute, love the skirt! Good luck revising, Hollie x x

Sweet Indigo Road said...

love your skirt! the color looks really cool on you!

katielaura said...

thankyou! aw yeah i know how you feel! xxx

katielaura said...

thank very much! xxx

katielaura said...

thank you! xxx

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