Sunday, 24 June 2012

shorts of the rainforest

Top (actually a playsuit) - h&m
Belt - Primark
Loafers - New look
Shorts - Oasis

So i've finally finished all my exams, WAHOOOO! feels so good, but now i have so much spare time i don't know what i'm going to do with myself, blog probably! i'm going to work lots so i can buy lots of new clothes... ever get to that stage where your facing a wardrobe full of clothes yet still thinking 'i have absolutely nothing to wear'? i'm at that stage right now and it's awful!
I picked these shorts up in the oasis sale the same as my skirt below, i was a bit unsure of them as they're a bit more bold than my usual style but they're so unbelievably comfy! 
Incase you were wondering, the blonde girl in this is my best friend Alice. She's so awesome its unbelievable. I literally don't know what i'd do without her!
Anyway i hope you all enjoy whats left of June and i'm sure i'll post soon what with all this free time i have no (YAYYYYYYYY)

Love Katie x x x x


Stella said...

Beautiful pics!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for the follow :D Following back!

M'loes said...

Lovely outfit! Also your friend looks lovely, keep on blogging!


jas said...

great shorts!

Alice said...

Those shorts are lovely :) Congrats on finishing your exams, the free time after so much studying feels great! Love your photos, am now following xx

Jessica said...

yay for exams being over, congrats! i love the bold floral with the details in the top!


Anna said...

Well done on your exams! Your blog is stunning. Its always so nice to meet girls who are in to the same things as me! Cant wait to see future posts.


Katie! these are awesome pics! I can feel the holiday's atmospher in these pics.
adorable oufit as well

visit my blog anytime, would you like to follow each other? I'll be glad if we can keep in touch :D


under fashion arrest said...

lovely white top!!!

Diana S.T. said...

hello!!!!! you have a great blog... follow each other??? let me know ok!

Valeria Yonas said...

Nice photos, great blog! I've follow you, it nice if you would follow me back :)

Katie said...

i really like the print of your shorts!
Great blog, I am now following!
Katie xx

Dreaming of Forever.

Ricardo Miñana said...

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have a magnificent space, if you like poetry I invite you to my space with poems full of emotion, have a nice day.

Lady Dominique said...

beautiful top !

Ashley said...

you are too cute! adore your style dear...following youu xx

katielaura said...

would love too! thank you x x

Every Day Rachel said...

Love the print of the shorts! Now following.

Jelena Dimić said...

Wonderful, I just love it! What a whimsical and happy summer look! :*
I'm following you now. ;) If you want, you can find me on:
Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

Madeleine Faugier said...

I saw nearly the exact same shorts in H&M yestersay on sale, and because of seing this picture i remembered how much i loved the photos and o bought them !

Ayu Nuada Damayanthi said...

i love ur pants<3
and I'm ur newest follower^^


miki said...

beautiful pics! lovely outfit! Thank you so much for your sweet comments:)


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