Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pretty busy weekend!

So friday, along with 70% of 16 year olds, i had my school prom. It was amazing fun and i loved every second of it! However, finding ym dress was a complete nightmare. I'm really not a fan of the big gypsy style dresses however i thought the girls who did wear them all looked beautiful! but for myself, i went for this teal evening gown from coast. It was so comfortable and served me well!
Hope if you had a prom, you all enjoyed yours!

Next is a little white dress i bought in the Zara sale on monday (zara sales are my dream) I have a college induction day coming up for the sixth form grammar school i'm attending next year. I fell in love with this simple little dress but it was a bit on the tight side which is never really my style. Unfortunately, I ended up returning it because the seam came undone! 

So finally, this is my decided outfit for my college induction. I have been in love with this bag for weeks and then when i saw it in the river island sale (i'm quite a bargain hunter) at under half price, i didn't even question buying it! its so beautifully made and i'm already planning outfits with it!!
I also picked up these cute crocodile dolly shoes from dotty ps'.

Wish me luck for college tomorrow! Eeeek!

Have a great week, Katie x x x x x x x x 


M'loes said...

You looked great on your prom I see. And Zara sales are my dream to! Lovely white dress you have! And the last outfit is so romantic. Love it!


fox hunter said...

Awww those dresses are all lovely, u always look fab! The white dress is my fave I guess hehe. I can't get enough of sales, just found my fave top in the sale section for 3€! amazing isn't it? :-) x

Ile Odarod said...

I love you teal dress! I've been falling in love with teal lately.

Too bad you had to return the white dress. It looked really pleasant. But I guess tight and white isn't really the most comfortable combination. You can't move around much plus you have to be extra careful not to get it dirty.

I followed you by the way, care to follow back?

-A Hint of Sunlight

Ricci said...

lovely !;)
white one is amazing :)

mixnmatch1 said...

I love the green dress and the cream lace dress is gorgeous,along with the scarf,i fact i like them all :)

Cyntia Medina said...

I like very much your photos and your outfits. Do I follow you, ok?.
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